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Episode 567: David Andreozzi


David Andreozzi is an award-winning architect and founder, in 1988, of the firm Andreozzi Architects, based in Barrington, Rhode Island and the current president of the New England chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA).


The firm, whose work has been widely published, specializes in historical archetypes with a concentration on the New England vernacular. Its work strengthens its setting’s sense of place by employing time-tested building materials and construction methods. While most of the firm’s projects are in New England, David has drawn upon the region’s vernacular characteristics to complete projects as far south as the Bahamas, taking the principles of regional style and applying them to a diversity of vernacular types.


In addition to his professional work, David has dedicated his career to improving the design profession from inside. This includes educating the public on the importance of hiring design professionals, improving support for residential architects from within the American Institute of Architects, and creating opportunities to educate and mentor young and emerging professionals.


David’s passion to improve the state of public design consciousness started when he was invited to participate in the Congress of Residential Architecture. CORA is a national organization dedicated to all aspects of building better homes for more people. It is committed to educating the public on the importance of high-quality design. At CORA, David spent five years on its national steering committee, helping to create lectures and content, developing and moderating its message boards, and forging an alliance with AIA’s Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN) at the outset of its development.


David’s work at CORA culminated with his contribution to the writing of a manifesto that called upon the profession to broaden the inclusivity of architectural styles practiced at design firms throughout the nation, and to promote education to raise the awareness of design among the public. The manifesto was presented as a formal resolution at the 2010 AIA national conference in Miami, where it was formally supported by the current AIA president. As a result of his work, David transferred the focus of his voluntary efforts from CORA to AIA CRAN.


The CRAN Knowledge Community develops knowledge to benefit architects engaged in or planning to engage in custom residential practice. CRAN presents information and facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise to promote the professional development of its members through publications and at local and national forums, symposia and conventions. At AIA CRAN, David took on myriad responsibilities at growing levels of executive leadership, concluding with his appointment as national Chairman of AIA CRAN.


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