“Really great show with a friendly style and a true love o great home design. Inspirational!”
“Just listened to another episode of the MDD podcast series and found it thoroughly enjoyable….Bravo James Swan for conducting these smart, witty, inspiring conversations with the best designers working today.”
“By far – this podcast is oe of the most inspirational and informative design podcast for any creative soul. Whether you ar ein the business or just simply have a passion for beautiful spaces. James is a wonderful facilitator. He asks probing and thoughtful questions that help the listener get to know the guest…..”
“Great podcast! Love the designer interviews. Thank you for connecting us with so many talented people.”
“In a time of quick slideshows and microblogging, James Swan digs in to the questions of design and gives us a peek into the minds of some of our greatest and most innovative design minds. Bravo!”
“Informative, fun and inspiring. Thank you!”
“I’m an architect and find this podcast very refreshing and delightful…..I love James Swan and his kind and inclusive way of talking to all different designers. I think he’s nurturing and encouraging…..”
“Great podcast! I love hearing everyone’s story. So inspiring.”
“Very professionally done podcast from the music, the intro, the show guests and so much more to love……”
“I stumbled across a tweet mentioning James Swan and MDD….and I’ve been hooked ever since. Whether you are in the industry or just a design enthusiast….this is for you.”

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Episode 484: David Scott

For over 25 years, David Scott has served as the Principal and founder of his New York based design firm, David Scott Interiors, LTD. The very fabric of his business lies in embracing the natural connection his clients have to their project, ensuring their personality and character are reflected in the design. For David, getting…

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Episode 483: Gordon Dunning

Gordon Dunning is an Atlanta, GA based boutique interior design firm founded by two lovers of story, history, travel, and classic designs injected with color.   Once upon a time, our great, great, grandfather Gordon Dunning, milled exquisite wool tartans in the Highlands of Scotland. These textiles instilled a love for design in our hearts…Okay,…

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Episode 482: Michelle Rohrer-Lauer

Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, of Michelle’s Interiors, is an award-winning interior and furniture design professional with more than 30-years experience providing innovative design solutions to prominent clients nationwide. She has designed unique, one-of-a-kind residential interiors for Fortune 500 company executives, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and others in Chicagoland and throughout the U.S.   In addition, she has won…

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Discover 4 Powerful Tools That Make Every Decorating Project Better

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