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Episode 426: Cynthia Spence


Principal Designer Cynthia Spence believes that interior design is greater than aesthetics—it’s about making a commitment to invest wisely in your home. “If you retain a money manager for your financial portfolio, why wouldn’t you engage a design professional to guide you in the improvements to your real estate?” she remarks.


Drawing on her background in tech and marketing, Cynthia creates timeless interiors that provide solace and restoration from today’s noise. Layering texture and rich neutrals, the designer presents thoughtfully edited homes that invite calm and resonate with her clients’ distinct lifestyles. “For each of my clients, I endeavor to design spaces that function beautifully and capture their individual essence,” Cynthia explains. “Starting fresh each time is what inspires me.”


Cynthia’s ability to complete projects on budget and on time stems from her intuitive understanding of the construction process. Whether overseeing a full-scale remodel or designing a new-build, she collaborates with architects, builders, and contractors with ease and serves as an advocate for her client throughout the process.


A South Bay native, Cynthia is attuned to the pulse of the San Francisco Bay Area, pushing her firm to evolve alongside the latest trends in technology. Whether creating a detailed 3D rendering of a proposed space or designing a dedicated room for a client’s VR equipment, she is in touch with the demands of 21st century living. As her client roster has expanded, Cynthia moved her primary office to San Francisco’s historic Design District in addition to her original South Bay studio.


Livability is the guiding principal behind Cynthia’s work, where comfort, form, and function go hand-in-hand. “A designer’s touch lives on in how the space functions for you.”


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