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Episode 128: Gabriel Dean Design

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Gabriel Dean Design is a furniture company with a unique point of view. His work is driven by the art of innovation.”


Gabriel Dean specializes in detailed wood and metal inlayed pieces, as well as one of a kind stone work. In combining different materials, he strives to not just have the disparate materials exist together but instead to react to one another. His design isn’t confined by the conventional architecture of a piece of furniture. He innovates by playing with structure first, followed by solving the engineering. His work is defined by precise lines, rich finishes, and unconventional shapes which give his collection of furniture a spirit and life of its own.


After graduating with a Bachelors in Interior Design from Utah State University, Gabriel went to work for industry leaders such as Vicente Wolf and Jamie Drake. He then decided to change his focus to creating high end furniture. He obtained a Masters of Fine Arts in Furniture Design, following which he launched Gabriel Dean Design.


Gabriel and Brooke, his wife and business partner, debuted Gabriel Dean at “What’s New, What’s Next” in New York City in September of 2015. Since then they have gained national recognition, and are in showrooms across the country.


Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, they work exclusively with local artisans to breath life into their bold and innovative designs.


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