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Episode 097: Anna Kovalchenko

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Anna Kovalchenko  is a Russian interior designer living and working in Moscow. She studied interior design in KLC school of Design in London and during her last years of studying she launched her own studio L’Essenziale, which specializes in residential projects – from city apartments to countryside cottages. Anna describes her personal style as «Eclectic Bohemian» – she likes mixing within one space objects in various styles and of different origin, east and west, old and new… She tries to give «soulfulness» to any space by creating relaxed and cozy ambiance. In her online boutique she sells beautiful artisanal home decor objects, created by local artists in Armenia – a country where she lived for some time and fell in love with.

Anna’s decorating blog, which has the same name as her studio is followed by thousands of people from all over the world. She is not only sharing inspirational ideas and beautiful home tours, but writes in detail about work on her projects and process of settling own interior design business, which is why her blog became popular among students and people making the first steps in this career. At the moment she is finishing writing her book «Marketing for interior designers. First year in business», where she is sharing her marketing strategy on how novice designers can find their first clients and build their portfolio. Another book which is also in the process is called «History of Styles» – a quick and easy to use guide to historic styles and their distinctive features. Both books will be soon available for sale on her blog.

In 2015 she was the finalist of Amara Interior Blog Awards – one of the most prestigious awards for bloggers in the UK. Since 2014 she also became the regular contributor to Russian Architectural Digest, mainly focusing on latest trends and interesting furniture.

Explore Anna’s blog here

Be sure to visit Anna’s blog and while you’re there pick up copies of her books.

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