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Episode 071: Lindsey Lane

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Lindsey Lane Lands In New York City

A Georgia native, Lindsey Lane founded her New York City interior design firm in 2013. Lindsey describes her personal style as traditional, and adds that she likes to take note of every detail in a home, from the books that fill the shelves, to the art hanging on the walls, to a family’s fine china and favorite photographs. In Lindsey’s eyes, a well decorated home always has a story.

While Lindsey Lane embraces her Southern roots and traditional style, New York City opened her eyes to a different and exciting point of view. Lindsey’s style evolved into what some people are calling transitional, where modern meets traditional. The end result – polished interiors with a fresh take on old-fashioned design.

Lindsey Lane Works Near and Far

Lindsey is based in New York, where she resides with her husband in one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods, Beekman Place. Lindsey’s work extends beyond New York City, including the Hamptons and more recently to Palm Beach, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky. Regardless of location, Lindsey has a unique ability to collaborate with her clients to create an aesthetic that is fitting for each home.

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