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Episode 067: Meryl Santopietro

Meryl Santopietro
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Meryl Santopietro A Classic Designer

Why is Meryl Santopietro so sought after? Because she listens to her clients and delivers a unique design suited to their life style. Her educational background reflects her commitment to art – university fine arts major, advance studies in art history at the University of California at Berkeley, certificate work at Rhode Island School of Design, and A.S.I.D. membership.

Meryl’s portfolio ranges, from classical and traditional to modern and contemporary. Her flexibility in styles enables her to satisfy a diverse, high profile clientele with the most discriminating tastes.

Above all, Meryl is passionate about her design work and committed to her loyal clients.

Keeping it in the Family

Joy, her daughter, an attorney by trade, brings a unique perspective to Meryl Santopietro Interiors. Upon graduating from Suffolk Law School, Joy practiced corporate law in New York, focusing primarily on matters in the financial industry. After several years of working as an attorney, she yearned for a more creative role to express her passion for design and love for all things glamorous.

The role of Director of Business Affairs allows Joy the opportunity to utilize her legal background while pursuing the more creative role she desired, and has the added bonus of working alongside her mother and sister.

Alessandra graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelors of Arts in Apparel Design. She began her career at Ralph Lauren, where she worked as an assistant designer in the Womens Black Label fabric department. In this position, she learned the intricacies of textiles: their design, coloration and composition.

Alessandra’s natural progression through the design world has taken her to the realm of interior design. In the role of Designer, she draws upon her unparalleled knowledge of fabrics and applies this to the design schemes she creates for clients.

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