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Episode 036: Patrick Cain

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Since 2013, Patrick Cain Designs has been crafting handmade designs that evoke the unity of urban sprawl with the natural world: elemental foundations like wood and steel are fused with Patrick’s background in Materials Science and Engineering.

The results speak for themselves. PCD furniture lives and breathes the essence of American life: the natural order and modern technology, together at last. Truly unique statement pieces that both you and the environment can afford.

All PCD furniture is designed, crafted, built, and created right here in Los Angeles, by the hands of skilled artisans and craftspeople from all walks of life.

The Patrick Cain Designs Collective works together to bring the world the foremost in furniture, lifestyle, design, and well-being. We create environmentally-sustainable furniture at attainable prices, designing each piece to last, and move through life alongside you.

Patrick Cain Design’s LA-based design studio focuses on environmentally-responsible furniture that lasts.

They use up-cycled wood from downed trees otherwise headed to the chipper. Their metal pieces are built to survive and styled to last years. Even better: their concrete is LEED-certified. It’s simple: PCD furniture is good for your life, good for your style, and good for the planet.

Check out Patrick’s Website here

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