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Episode 010: Kathryn Scott

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Kathryn Scott sees herself as an artist captivated by the creation of serene, harmonious living spaces as the sanctuary to rest, replenish and refocus on the things that matter most in our lives. Within our home walls, mundane tasks become pleasurable, allowing us to reduce stress, connect with our creative side, and feel happier. Furnishings and finishes are selected and curated according to personal need and their inherent beauty. Customized details with interesting materials are used to allow each room to express its potential. Kathryn creates daily objects for living, from furniture to porcelain, to incorporate into her environments. The importance of our surroundings should not be underestimated; they shape our moods, thoughts and dreams.

Kathryn lives with her husband, the renowned artist, Gu Wenda, and their daughter in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

“The inspiration for my Shifting Sand series of porcelain accessories originated in the simplicity of nature itself. Nurtured by authenticity, I embrace the pleasure experienced seeing light travel over a simple object, defining the beauty in its imperfect form. The pleasure is enhanced by how it supports our daily lives from holding flowers living within them to water pouring from them.

Each piece has been hand-finished to a unique shape and personality. The delicate edges imitate the fragility of paper although the body of the porcelain object is sturdy and heavy. The bisque surface on the outside is balanced by a shiny glaze on the inside, expressing an understated beauty. The character of bisque embodies the life of the object through use over time, creating a unique living patina. It represents our respect for the natural, ever-changing world around us, where age indicates the presence of wisdom. Although care should be taken when handling as the edges are quite delicate, chips and repairs can be interpreted to add interest to the object, documenting the events of its history.

Beauty surrounds us in simple ways.

Have fun exploring Kathryn’s website here.

The book that Kathryn mentioned, C.J. Delatorre’s “Interior Design Master Class” is not yet available for pre-order.  We’ll update you as soon as it’s available.

eclectic-living-room by Kathryn Scott on Million Dollar Decorating

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