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Episode 566: Weekend with Aamir Khandwala


Delighted to have Aamir Khandwala back with us today, sharing what his life is like “away from the office”.  Listen here and explore his Website here

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Aamir Khandwala received his degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. For over 15 years, he worked as Head of Decoration for internationally acclaimed designer Robert Couturier, honing his skills by successfully leading multi-million dollar residential projects.


Bringing an international perspective to interior design is Aamir Khandwala and his strength. He grew up in South Asia, rearranging the rooms in his family home from a young age and searching for hidden treasures in the local antique markets. Now, living in New York and having the opportunity to travel extensively are a constant source of inspiration for him. His work has taken him across the globe, designing projects from city dwellings to country homes in the US, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.


“There is so much beauty to be found in our world. My desire is to bring pieces of it together in harmony, remaking grand luxury on a human scale that both intrigues and comforts.”


“I believe that the space in which we live has a soul. By listening carefully to my clients and discovering their interests and passions, I am able to bring their dreams to life and create environments that transcend style and fashion. The pleasure of watching my clients enter a finished space, and seeing in them the joy and serenity that a well-designed interior can evoke, is my greatest measure of success.”


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