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Episode 557: Linda London


Since the 90s Linda London has been recognized for designing spaces that effortlessly enhance her client’s luxury lifestyles.  Linda’s emphasis is on designing their homes for beauty and sumptuousness. She finds spaces where no one ever knew were even available. Her philosophy is “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” – Coco Chanel


As founder of the LINDA LONDON LTD design group, she is applauded for her ability to create space that emanates genuine sophistication, understated elegance and most of all stylishly creating a luxurious lifestyle experience. By organizing your whole home she creates grace and tasteful chic design that her client’s value. She combines sheer creativity, traditional flair and attention to detail in planning every aspect of your home and then behind every door of your home. Her solutions combine form and function synergistically blending substance and style to not only perfectly answer her client’s objectives but to go beyond it, to ultimately create a luxury lifestyle that reflects each and every client’s unique personality.


In Linda’s own words: “A home is designed by an architect, the interiors are designed by an interior designer, the landscape is done by a landscape architect and my design group finishes the process and creates the ultimate, luxurious touches to your  home, behind the doors.  We organize how you live, how you entertain, even how you place your belongings. We call it a luxury lifestyle.”


Explore Linda’s Website here

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Mademoiselle- Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History

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