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Episode 549: Lorenzo Buttram Hubbard


An award winning Architectural and Interior Designer, Speaker, and best selling author, Lorenzo Buttram Hubbard,  great-great grandson of the esteemed Buttram family of Oklahoma, was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for the arts. After finishing his studies in New York, Lorenzo Founded Viggiano Interiors in 1988 while working as a Detroit Police Officer. In a short time Viggiano Interiors became one of Detroit’s most recognized full service interior design firms, securing a substantial number of Domestic and International clients.

Certainly a leader in the industry, Lorenzo, through innovation and determination has created a unique market niche for himself where none existed before. Clients not only get quality furnishings and service, they get in-depth personalized attention and his unparalleled style of design.

Initially a freelance designer of residential interiors, Lorenzo held the prestigious position of staff and resident designer of several luxury apartment and residential subdivisions. There are not many upscale developments or residential communities that do not have his unique signature. On the commercial front, a slew of large-scale projects have garnished him praise as he has completed commercial splendors from hotels to restaurants, state of the art medical facilities, movie sets and educational campuses to plush nightclubs and lounges.

“That’s Got To Go!”

Life style television show

In 1997 Lorenzo purchased the dilapidated century old mansion of the Hall-Oldsmobile heiress located in the Boston-Arden Park Historic District of Detroit. After undergoing extensive renovations, his home has served as a show-house with examples of his enticing and well-respected work. Never satisfied, he welcomed the new millennium filming and launching the pilot of his own life style television show, “That’s Got To Go!”, being part of Michigan’s first prestigious list of registered designers, and expanding his business to Dallas, Texas.

Award Nominated

“Where I Was, Where I Am, Where I’m Going”

In 2003, after regaining the ability to walk after a tragic accident in the summer of 2000, Lorenzo took on new challenges; publishing his first book, Award Nominated “Where I Was, Where I Am, Where I’m Going”, and leaving the United States to study in the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, he attended the Universitario Dominico Americano and Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra studying Latin culture and Spanish. After graduating in 2005, He traveled to Spain, Italy and Mexico to continue his studies in Spanish and Italian, while also doing missionary work as a professor of English and Spanish to an international student body representing more than 20 countries, including the Mayan and indigenous communities of Mexico. In February 2009, after completing his studies he returned to the United States settling in Florida where in August of that same year, Lorenzo became the star and executive producer of the Life Style TV program; “On The Town with Lorenzo”. Due to high demand, Lorenzo expanded his business in the Spring/Summer of 2012 by launching his own furniture line, appropriately titled, “Lucashay xoxo Lorenzo” as well as establishing an extensive international client base. He has become the Interior Designer of choice for some of the most prestigious families and businesses of Central America, designing its #1 entertainment venue, with more than 10,000sq ft of ground breaking designs.

Each year Lorenzo extends his arms to the community by speaking and mentoring to youth organizations and schools and training interns to work in the design & television industries. This along with countless art shows, lectures and other charitable endeavors helps him accomplish his goal of exposing others normally not in touch with the arts to explore it’s colorful and thought provoking world.

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