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Episode 152: JoAnn Locktov

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JoAnn Locktov, owner of Bella Figura Communications started her career in Public Relations in 2005 after writing two books on contemporary mosaics. A new Venetian mosaic school needed students and a career was born. JoAnn uses her experience as a writer,  development director, and imaginative strategist to determine the how to best represent her clients’ needs economically and effectively. Her great passion for art and design has enabled Bella Figura Communications to assist creative individuals and businesses with innovative solutions to reach their goals.

Hai fatto bella figura……the Italian expression for making a positive impression by pleasing both the eye and the mind.

This is the essence of JoAnn’s Public Relations services, which function as the conduit from business to market through precise communication and deep engagement.

And that Venetian mosaic school? It is thriving with students attending from every corner of the globe.

In 2014 JoAnn created Bella Figura Publications, a new publishing imprint that is dedicated to books on contemporary Venice. The first publication, Dream of Venice features the photography of Charles Christopher and the prose and poetry of a remarkable group of Venetophiles from Frances Mayes and Erica Jong to Nicolas Roeg and Woody Allen. The second book Dream of Venice Architecture launches May 28, 2016 and will be followed by Dream of Venice in Black and White in 2018.

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