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Episode 136: Kim & Scott Vargo

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Kim & Scott Vargo are a husband and wife duo from Chicago, living, working, and playing amidst the hustle and bustle. In 2006, we took a breath and a leap, and we packed a one-way moving van from Cincinnati to the Windy City. We craved change; we were ready.


In 2007, we purchased our first home together – a teeny, tiny condo on the second floor of a yellow brick corner building (all 675 square feet of it!), hence the name of this blog Yellow Brick Home. Over the course of 6 years, we DIY-ed our way through each and every room – sometimes twice! (Guilty.) After convincing ourselves we wouldn’t stay in Chicago forever, we spent each wedding anniversary traveling from city to city, in search of our next big adventure. The verdict? First time was a charm; we hit the jackpot with Chicago. This city is our home.


Fast forward to the summer of 2013; we said goodbye to the second floor walk-up that found us falling in love with Chicago, and we purchased a fixer upper of a house – right down the street. It’s been our dream to nurse an old home back to life, and now, well, you can say that we’re finally doing it!


Here, you’ll find us DIY-ing our way through our almost-130-year-old house, taking down walls, building them back up and nurturing back the character that was so rudely taken away over time. The outdoor flea market season is our favorite time of year, and nothing makes our hearts beat faster than a good furniture rescue.


While Scott spends his days in shiny shoes and stripey ties, you’ll find me in our home studio, where I run our two online stores: The Pet Shop and The Print Shop. On any given day, I’m painting your pets, printing photographs (both jobs that were born from this blog), tweaking our home (I’m a continual fuss-er) and keeping this corner of the web cozy.

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