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Episode 134: Donghia “Brilliance: The Home as A Jewel Box” Event

Donghia Event Feature Image
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The Donghia Showroom, NYC and CEO Andrea Rubelli hosted a Spring Market Event entitled:

Brilliance: The Home as Jewel Box. Gems and exquisite furnishings have a lot common, they adorn your being and home with beauty, making it shine and enriching one’s life. Join us for a panel on rarity in design, from bespoke interiors to beautiful jewels.

Moderated by James Swan with guests panelists

Benjamin Noriega Ortiz

Greg Kwiat

Stephen Levine

Discover Donghia’s new collection of furnishings, lighting and accessories at their Website here

This was Million Dollar Decorating’s first podcast recording with a live audience.  I’m thrilled to share this exciting event with you and wish to thank the D&D Building, Donghia, Andrea Rubelli and the entire staff at Donghia Showroom NYC for their incredible energy and support.

Enjoy this very special podcast.

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