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Are You Afraid of Decorating?

Live and Decorate

Are you afraid of decorating?

There are different types of fear.

Some are rational. They keep us alert to the possibility of danger and help us navigate what can be (at times) a scary world.

Those are the fears we pay attention too and adjust our lives accordingly. Listen Now “Are You Afraid of Decorating?”

7 Things Sandra Espinet Can’t Live Without


What 7 Things can’t you live without?

In today’s Million Dollar Decorating post our friend Sandra Espinet shares with us what’s on her list.

Click this link for a closer look at her very stylish list.










Sandra draws inspiration from her extensive travels to South America, Northern Africa,  Europe and Asia, as well as her experiences living in several countries throughout the world. Listen Now “7 Things Sandra Espinet Can’t Live Without”