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The Enthusiast’s Guide to a Beautiful Home: Quotes from 6 Top Designers

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In the almost 18 months that I’ve been interviewing design professionals from around the world (600 and counting) I’ve learned something new, interesting and sometimes surprising from every conversation and interaction. Today I want to share with you some tips from the very best. Use this to make your world and home more beautiful.  …

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The Farmers Market and a Very Fancy Kitchen Range

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A big transition took place this past weekend in my home town in Maine.  A relatively small local shift made a big statement and everyone is excited. Our indoor winter farmers market               …..has relocated to its warm weather home at Waterfront Park on the Kennebec River.    …

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Why Do It?

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I was asked recently why I launched Million Dollar Decorating and while I had not yet written my “elevator speech” I was pleasantly surprised by what came out of my mouth. Here’s the gist of my reply. “I launched this new venture to celebrate the world’s of design, decorating and beautiful living in new and…

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The Voices in My Head


I get it. I’m human and riddled with all the things that make humans what we are. I’ve had incredible highs and desperate lows. I’ve succeeded marvelously and failed in even greater ways. I’ve been there for friends and I’ve let friends down. I’ve said the right thing and turned around and put my foot…

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Decorating is All About You


I recently heard someone say that “decorating their home was the most selfish thing they’d ever done”. If that’s the case then I’m inclined to believe that this brand of selfishness aught to be practiced by more people. Decorating your house? Let your inner child be spoiled (for a bit) because, after all, if your…

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