The Art of Display

Million Dollar Decorating

The number of design and decorating questions coming my way seems to grow daily and I’m thrilled by each and every one. A trend seems to be forming recently around the idea of how one successfully displays furniture and objects in a room.  Such a good question! I was enjoying the quiet of a rainy…

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How It’s Done; Something Other Than White Walls, Please!

With the beautiful summer weather here in New England this past weekend I found myself gathering a stack of my favorite design and decorating magazines as I headed out to the beach. With my pale complexion my ocean bound forays always include a huge umbrella, gobs of sunscreen and giant hat which helps create a…

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How It’s Done: Finding Your Composition

When decorating a room the list of moving parts is long. Scale, proportion, balance, color and pattern all play a role in the success (or lack thereof) to be found in the finished product. While pouring over my treasure trove of beautifully designed rooms (my library of vintage Architectural Digest copies) I spotted the room…

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Survey Results

Arch Dig

Sending out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s survey. I can’t tell you how helpful the information gathered will be as work moves forward on the new Enthusiasts Guide to Decorating Online Course. Here’s the results of the three questions asked: 1. In order of importance to you rank the following…

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How It’s Done: Fine Design for Today’s Home

Serge Royaux - Million Dollar Decorating

From an AD edition dated September 1999 comes these images from the country home of renowned French designer Serge Royaux, a master of classic interior design, not just in France, but around the world.                     The house dates from 1750 on a 13th century foundation and…

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