James Swan

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“….Triumph and Disaster…..”

IF YOU CAN MEET WITH TRIUMPH AND DISASTER AND TREAT THOSE TWO IMPOSTORS JUST THE SAME… “These very famous words from the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling can help you learn to become a consistent peak performer under pressure. Most athletes get far too hung up on winning and/or a fear of losing

For October: 7 Things Sandra Espinet Can’t Live Without

Happy to welcome back to Million Dollar Decorating the design and style force that is Sandra Espinet sharing a new list of Things She Can’t Live Without. Since 2000, Sandra has been living in the coastal town of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, where she owns and operates S.E. Design Services, an elite, full-service high…

An Answer to the Tough Question “How Can I Make A Difference?”

I hear the question often, “how can I make a difference?” and to be honest, sometimes I just don’t know how to answer. Fires in California. Storms in the Caribbean. Mourning in Las Vegas. Discord in Washington. Warmongering in Korea. Tensions in the Middle East. Plotting in Moscow. And the list could go on and…