Why Do It?

ReDecorate 2

I was asked recently why I launched Million Dollar Decorating and while I had not yet written my “elevator speech” I was pleasantly surprised by what came out of my mouth. Here’s the gist of my reply. “I launched this new venture to celebrate the world’s of design, decorating and beautiful living in new and…

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The Voices in My Head


I get it. I’m human and riddled with all the things that make humans what we are. I’ve had incredible highs and desperate lows. I’ve succeeded marvelously and failed in even greater ways. I’ve been there for friends and I’ve let friends down. I’ve said the right thing and turned around and put my foot…

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Decorating is All About You


I recently heard someone say that “decorating their home was the most selfish thing they’d ever done”. If that’s the case then I’m inclined to believe that this brand of selfishness aught to be practiced by more people. Decorating your house? Let your inner child be spoiled (for a bit) because, after all, if your…

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The Thrill of Color

Color on Million Dollar Decorating

Since lunching Million Dollar Decorating on 01 March 2016 there have been a number of exciting moments: -I’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the worlds of design, decorating and beautiful living….with more to come! -We’ve begun building relationships with some amazing companies who see the power in what we’re doing and are excited…

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The New DesignCoach Program

DesignCoach on Million Dollar Decorating

As a new, small venture we have the unique ability to adjust to the expressed needs of our growing family of design enthusiasts. And that makes me very happy because I know that I’m delivering to you exactly what you’ve asked for. So are you ready for something completely new and exciting? Anticipating the launch…

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