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Episode 607: Corine Maggio


Corine Maggio founded CM Natural Designs with the desire to create a firm that designs based on the individuality of every client. She has assembled an exceptional team of highly qualified people who love their work and understand the role of design on a client’s well-being. Though her firm specializes in high end design, Corine’s background uniquely positions her as one of the more approachable and down-to-earth style-makers. Growing up in a middle class Midwestern neighborhood, Corine eventually quit college and followed her dreams in early adulthood to live on the beach and moved to North Carolina. She also fed her need for discovery by traveling around the world as often as possible. During this time of self exploration, Corine lived with little-to-nothing in the way of possessions and focused her energy on an earth-friendly and adventurous lifestyle. She eventually gave in to her internal calling and moved to San Diego, California, site unseen, to pursue a degree in interior design. Corine graduated from Design Institute of San Diego with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2010. While in school she worked as a consultant and designer for Aja Rugs in La Jolla, CA and after graduation became the Director of Communications for Design Institute of San Diego before founding her firm, full time, in 2013. Since then, the firm has grown to five employees. Her work has been featured in many print and online publications as well as HGTV. The firm has worked on projects throughout the US, Australia, Turkey, Mexico and the Maldives. Their studio space in La Jolla includes an ocean view, noisy seals as neighbors and gift shop open to the public three days week. Come say hi!

Explore Corine’s Website here

Extra! Extra! After two years of development, Corine recently launched Interior Atlas, which is a resource directory of thousands of vendors for interior design finishes, fixtures and furnishings. It allows users to search for vendors by product type, quality, trade type, style and more. Designers/home owners can organize the unique vendors they find into client folders with just one click to streamline the design process and save hours of time when searching for products for their clients/homes. Interior Atlas is sure to revolutionize the design industry by saving designers countless hours and making it easy to source more personalized items. It’s a win for both designers, clients and home owners!

Be sure to explore Corine’s new site for Interior Atlas by clicking here

Check out Corine’s book recommendation, Ellen Degeneres: Home and it to your design library.


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