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Episode 492: Krista Hoffman


Krista Hoffman is a residential interior designer focused on creating beautiful, approachable spaces that reflect her clients’ lives. She spent her childhood foraging antique fairs and flea markets with her parents who shared their love of objects with a history. Krista incorporates her appreciation of the old with the best that Bay Area craftspeople have to offer.


Krista began her career by mastering the fundamentals through taking interior design courses (and she still begins each project by hand-sketching the space). She then went to work with some of the best, Kimberly Weder in Michigan and Martha Angus in San Francisco.  Krista opened her eponymous firm based in Menlo Park in 2012 and continues to refine her skills – recently returning from a London class with master interior designer, Rita Koenig.  This spring, Krista was selected to participate in San Francisco’s Decorator Showcase.


Currently, Krista is working on custom homes Tahoe, Todos Santos, Mexico, and Palo Alto, as well as launching her own line of hardware.


Explore Krsta’s Website here

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