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Episode 487: Nicolas Garnier


My name is Nicolas Garnier, I am 36, I am French and I am the Chief Operating Officer of Atelier Premiere New York.


I started my career in marketing and join the family company in Real Estate. Our company was dealing with restoration too. Its during one restoration project that I met Philippe Courtois. At that time he was running a decorative painting company in France.

We became friends and he shared with me his passion for decorative painting and interior design. He taught me french decorative painting techniques. Those that are transmitted orally for centuries. We spoke a lot about interior design and the most famous interior designers like Madeleine Castaing, Jacques Grange, Jacques Gracia, François Joseph Graf…

So when Philippe asked me to join him and help him to run Atelier Premiere, I said yes. I was 4 years ago when Philippe bought the company.


Atelier Premiere as been creating unique finishes for Decorators for a decade. We have been involved in many crazy job sites al over the United State, we worked at the White House, in the Oval Office, we did Albertine at the French Embassy …

Atelier Premiere is mainly involved in private residences project but also retail shop and Hospitaly. We did Dior, Balmain, The Row.

Atelier Premiere provides exquisite decorative painting finishes. everything we do is hand made and custom made. Our decorative painters go directly on site and apply the finish chosen by the decorator.

We do XVIIIth century french patina, murals, gold leaf. We apply wall paper and leather. We also create decorative plaster and more specifically Artistone.

Artistone is unique in the US. It is marble powder mixed with Resina. We propose numerous patterns that can be done in any color or finish. With Artistone the surface treated may become an art piece.

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