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Episode 462: Aspire Side Chat

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Our media partner Aspire Home and Design Magazine is featuring their column the Aspire Side Chat and this is our podcast version.  Join the conversation with four couples and discover how they navigate their unique collaborations.

It Takes Two: The Magic of Successful Collaborations.  

Carrier and Company Interiors, Ltd. Mara Miller, principal and interior designer, works with her designer husband, Jesse Carrier, in their business that delivers looks ranging from traditional and minimalist to glamorously bohemian.

Explore Carrier and Company’s Website here

Violante & Rochford, a Santa Fe, New Mexico based interior design firm work extensively throughout the United States. Consisting of Michael Violante and Paul Rochford, the duo, who is also a married couple, offer full-service interior design services, from traditional to contemporary.

Explore Violante & Rochford’s Website here

Mediterranea Restaurant is a gluten-free restaurant and bakery in the Grant Park section of Atlanta run by culinary school grads Gerard Nudo and Gary McElroy, a far cry from their previous executive careers with New York’s famed Rizzoli bookstore.

Explore Mediterranea Restaurant’s Website here

Jeanette Bronée and Torkil Stavdal The husband-and-wife team of New York City-based Jeanette Bronée and Torkil Stavdal bring a creative Nordic sensibility to careers as an international photographer (Torkil) and nutritionist founder of Path For Life and TED Talk speaker (Jeanette). Individual interests keep them engaged in a variety of arenas, while their shared pursuit of Scandinavian “hygge” underscores the importance of surroundings filled with good friends, comfort and coziness.

Explore Jeanette’s Website here

Explore Torkil’s Website here

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