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Episode 460: Benni Amadi


Benni Amadi is a San Francisco-based interior designer.


With a curator’s eye and international sensibility, Benni Amadi was born and raised in Italy. Her background marries an architectural aesthetic with luxury fashion branding for a sophisticated, classical approach to design that is infused with a dose of the bold.


Functionality, quality and beauty are Benni Amadi’s long-standing design principles.


Each client has a unique relationship with the architecture of their home, so the designs Benni produces are a reflection of that: individual, customized, infused with myriad personal touches.


Benni Amadi combines a keen design eye with her passion for art, travel and fashion. She designs spaces that are sophisticated, timeless, elegant, refined and above all else, livable. Blending eclectic modern materials, mixing new and vintage: Benni gives each space personality, allowing its distinctive story to unfold.  Her designs incorporate unique pieces, including custom furniture.

Explore Benni’s Website here 

Add Benni’s book recommendation, Visual Notes for Architects and Designers, to your library by clicking here.

Visual Notes for Architects and Designers

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