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Episode 444: Wendy Glaister


Wendy Glaister grew up watching her father and mother create joyful, sentimental moments for their clients as jewelry designers. She learned that a talent for creating beauty is a gift and that humility and collaboration exponentially increase the reach and quality of that gift. Her creativity and passion for helping people live a beautiful, comfortable life is a natural response to her childhood experiences.


As a little girl, Wendy’s first taste of beautiful interiors came at a cabin in the Sierras she’d visit every summer with her parents. Each year, she would pour over the pages of the same five issues of Architectural Digest and marvel at the lovely rooms that were featured. Most memorable were the rooms of Mario Buatta, whose eye for composition and pattern continue to inform Wendy’s work.

In elementary school, she collected the fall leaves on the school playground and executed life-sized blueprints with leaf hedges she’d construct.

In high school, she constantly re-arranged not only her room, but her parent’s furniture….so much so that they made it a habit of turning on all of the lights whenever entering a room, because they never knew where their furniture would end up from day to day.

As a young mother, Wendy was encouraged by her grandmother to commit to a life of interior design. She was certain that Wendy had a special gift for creating beautiful spaces and wanted her to operate in her talent as a profession.

Wendy Glaister has had the pleasure of working for over a decade as a practicing interior designer consulting at blueprint stage with homeowners and architects, managing ground-up new build projects and major renovations, and lending expert direction for remodeling and interior furnishings projects.

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The House in Good Taste

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