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Episode 413: Benjamin Dhong


Benjamin Dhong:

After a career in Finance, Benjamin Dhong’s road to interior design started accidentally during a trip to Italy.

During a stay at a 16th century villa by Palladio he met an established American designer, who soon after their return offered an internship and unbeknownst an entrée into a new career!


Despite starting as an intern, within 7 months he was given an client and within another 7 had the project published.


Never looking back he set off on his own…creating quietly luxurious interiors that feel restrained – never overproduced.
His rooms are intelligent and balanced – a fresh mix of sophisticated colors, textures, and shapes.


Favoring classic interiors that have been reinterpreted with a bold fresh eye, more than anything else, Benjamin Dhong Interiors aims for an elegance that is effortless and beautiful.


Published internationally, he’s designed projects ranging for the CEO’s of Sony, Chairman of Fox Film to wine country houses in the Napa Valley.

With projects coast to coast Benjamin Dhong still calls San Francisco home and his inspiration.

Explore Benjamin’s Website here

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Tools of Titans

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