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Episode 411: Tom Verellen


Tom Verellen and his passion for fabric and design led to the beginning of Verellen’s fine upholstery line which embodies a new, modern Belgian aesthetic – mixing natural materials w it h elegant lines and silhouettes, while incorporating American know -how for engineering and comfort.


Verellen was founded in 1999 by high-school sweethearts Tom and Sabine Verellen. They met at 16 years old and both knew they were going to expand their horizons beyond their native Antwerp, Belgium.


As a policy, Verellen keeps the design process in-house with Tom Verellen as principle designer. Sabine Verellen leads the softer side of the design process –with fabric and detail development.


Tom and Sabine have created a brand that is a reflection of their ow n values: warm, hospitable, inspired, and incredibly stylish. Their attention to the needs of each customer has created a cult following, and transformed the upholstery industry.


Visit Tom’s Website here

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