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Episode 408: Twofold LA


Twofold LA is a full-service design firm specializing in Residential Interior Design, Personal Events and Styling. Twofold LA works with clients to establish aesthetic direction, procure materials and manage logistics in order to execute beautiful and functional experiences and environments.


Since the company’s inception in 2011, Twofold LA has established relationships with their Interior clients to expand their services creating a multi-disciplinary design firm. They have since worked on a variety of interior, event and styling projects in Los Angeles, in addition to international locales which have been featured on various online publications including Vogue, Elle Decor and Domaine Home and print publications including Flutter and Violet Magazine.


Jenn and Olivia first met while working at esteemed design firm, Digs by Katie. They immediately understood they both shared a similar design sensibility and philosophy. Jenn and Olivia had collaborated in the past but seperated and reunited to combine their expertise in the industry.


Twofold LA believes that a designer must first and foremost listen to their client. Rather than stick to a formula or push a single aesthetic, Jenn and Olivia view their roles more so as a filter through which they run their client’s needs and vision. With roots grounded in collaboration, Jenn and Olivia enjoy not only collaborating with one another but also their clients and trusted vendors, working together to provide carefully thought out options and solutions. Twofold LA pairs traditional project management skills with innovative designs that are unique to each client, striving to create distinctive designs that lean on the principles of aesthetics, form and function.


Jenn and Olivia view design as pervasive and essential. They believe that interiors, events, the culinary arts, fashion and all creative disciplines can benefit from one another. They strive to create a design firm that moves beyond the traditional parameters intertwining all creative disciplines into a comprehensive hub of creative expression.

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