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Episode 405: David Kensington


David Kensington Interior Architecture and Design is a boutique firm, large enough to execute projects of grand scale, yet personal enough to provide devoted and intimate attention to each client. Headquartered in San Francisco, servicing clients worldwide.

The guiding principles for the firm are Collaboration, Craftsmanship, Personalization and a remarkably enjoyable process. David Kensington has painstakingly sought out the world’s most skilled artisans and finest craftsmen to deliver residences that are bespoke and timeless reflections of the client’s vision, imbued with the firms unique sense of style, creating a true collaboration between patron and artist.

Undaunted by the scale of a project, David personally immerses himself with organization and skill while devoting the time needed to managing teams of exceptional specialists. He accomplishes this by limiting the number of clients in order to ensure attention to detail at every level and timely execution.

David has become one of the most sought after residential interior designers by creating tailored living spaces that reflect the needs and discerning taste of his A‐list clientele. He has spent the past twenty years cultivating his passion by operating his industry leading design firm and building world‐class residences for those seeking the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

He prides himself on the precision and care with which he designs refined environments for his clients. His unique approach applies his lifelong passion of the decorative arts, creating harmonious residences ever mindful of the architecture and scale while combining luxury, scrupulous quality, comfort and sophistication. Some of his most compelling projects involve the seemingly effortless orchestration of decorative objects from various centuries. He redefines timeless style by juxtaposing modern and traditional elements, frequently developing private collections of fine art and antiques for his clientele.

Before founding the firm, David worked as a designer with prominent Bay Area designers. Prior to this he worked as an architect for Gensler in San Francisco, and ran a real estate development company. In addition to twenty years’ experience in the design industry, David has a business degree from the College of Saint Thomas and studied architecture at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley.

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