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Episode 402: Laura Michaels

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Laura Michaels Interior Design, is a full service design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. Having started her career as a fashion designer, Laura Michaels is no stranger to developing complete collections filled with layers of textures, patterns and colors. Laura thrives on the challenge of finding the perfect combination of textiles and other materials then integrating them in unique and unexpected ways.

Laura spends much time sourcing fabric, carpet, lighting and more . . . from all over the world and prides herself in her thorough knowledge of the market.  Laura is also proud of her ability to source the ‘right” item at the ”right” price. If cost, size or availability become an issue, her design skills allow her to create the perfect piece in one of her many custom factories.  Her extensive knowledge of the market makes the design process quick and easy, but never routine. Her artistic vision transforms the space into warm and inviting, interiors Laura’s goal is to provide a warm, inviting environment that is enjoyed by her homeowners and will last the test of time.

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