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Episode 370: Lisa Wolfe


Lisa Wolfe started as an army brat with a flair for design. Moving every three years with the military, her and her mom spent summers wallpapering and painting the new home (I had a thing for strawberry wallpaper!). However she THOUGHT business was her calling so she moved to Chicago to pursue her dream job of working in an ad agency. Starting as a secretary and working her way up to Account Director, she spent nearly ten years on Client campaigns (and losing her soul in the process) before following her heart back to design.

At age 33, Lisa quit her job after she was accepted into Harrington Institute’s Interior Design program. She worked multiple waitress jobs, was the resident cat sitter and landed a couple Design Assistant gigs to pay the bills. By 2004, she was ready to put her own name on the door.

Thirteen years later, Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd is proud of the residential work she has completed for Clients from Miami to Michigan to CA. She has made a name for herself creating fearless yet classic interiors that infuse spaces with spirit and color. Lisa constantly pushes her Clients out of their comfort zone by introducing them to bold patterns, insane textures, and   amazing combinations that they never would have considered….but somehow the result captures exactly what they dreamed of. Her collaborative spirit and openness to her Clients’ ideas have produced amazing results and she counts herself lucky to have her Clients as her biggest cheerleaders and continued source of referrals. She is thrilled to have been published in LUXE HOME (among other magazines and design books) and is sought after for Chicago-­‐land events, press and judging venues.

Lisa Wolfe provides her Clients the full-­‐service red carpet treatment, offering interior design, architectural, construction and custom-­‐build services for the residential market. From down-­‐to-­‐the-­‐studs renovations to new construction to single room makeovers, she tries to be flexible in how she works with Clients. She has partnered with several architects and builders to be a one-­‐stop shop.  As a small boutique design firm, Lisa enjoys being fully engaged on every Client project – whether she is taking the Lead role or operating behind the scenes with her Asst Designer.

Trying to bring beautiful spaces to those even on impossibly small budget, Lisa created her virtual design business in 2011. THE-­‐REVISIONISTS is an online-­‐only design service that allows Clients to select the room they want to work on and the level of design they require for a flat fee.

Visit Lisa’s design Website here

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