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Episode 226: Lulie Wallace

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Lulie Wallace lives and works in Charleston South Carolina where she peruses her career and passion of painting.

In Lulie’s own words:

I was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia and made my way over to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston.  I majored in Studio Art and minored in Spanish and toyed with the idea of either going to grad school to get my masters in Social Work or Graphic Design.  I ended up spending my summer after college painting just to buy time to think about which one I wanted to choose.  After selling a couple of my pieces, I thought, heck, I’m going to give this artist thing a shot, and I’d say it was a pretty good decision.  I fell in love with Charleston during my time in college and it has so much to offer for such a relatively small city.  Charleston has been a great environment for me to grow and be challenged as a painter and I love being a part of the community of artists here!


I really do think my paintings very much reflect who I am and what I’m attracted to in my everyday life.  I am attracted to joyful, thoughtful people.  I love bright, vibrant colors and often find inspiration in everyday items like a vintage Kilim rug, a unusual print on a blouse, or an envelope liner that contains a  letter from a friend. I have a strong appreciation for the strange and quirky and love a good exclamation mark (or two)!!  I just get excited.  I feel incredibly thankful to work in a job that I love and am passionate about.  My hope is that my paintings simply bring a piece of joy to the homes they inhabit.

Visit Lulie Wallace and her Website here

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