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Episode 219: Mark Cutler

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Mark Cutler creates individualized environments for his clients, who want personal, elegant homes.

With a strong background in both architecture and interior design, Mark lends a broad scope to any project, whether it’s an original home, a renovation or an addition.

Mark has an intrinsic understanding of all areas of budget, design, and construction – from plumbing to passementerie.

Mark’s keen insight into projects lends his designs longevity and depth.  “My clients aren’t interested in passing fads,” says the Australian-born designer.  “They want a classic design that will delight them for the years to come.”

His extensive travels give his designs an authentic world view, influenced by history and modern life.  “Reaching into the past, we hope to design for the future.”

“Our work is a form of portraiture – we aim to create a reflection of our clients, not just another version of ourselves.”

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