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Episode 200: Scott Maddux

Scott Maddux
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Founding partners Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud are the driving force behind Maddux Creative, an international team of gorgeous, talented and dedicated interior designers and architects creating extraordinary interiors for discerning clients.


Scott and Jo have established a strong multidisciplinary design team who share an aesthetic vision and a creative sensibility.  Focusing their collective skills, expertise and knowledge to produce imaginative and distinct designs tailor-made to meet their clients’ needs, tastes, and desires.  Whilst always taking the client’s lead, Maddux Creative’s real talent is to gracefully guide them to concepts and solutions more creative and beautiful than they ever imagined.


Through innovative space planning, comprehensive detailing, world-wide sourcing, and rigorous project management Maddux Creative strive to achieve the best possible results for each individual project, whilst ensuring the design process is both an engaging, enjoyable and educational one for their clients.


Scott Maddux, as Creative Director, is a true visionary and the aesthetic leader of our design team. He hails from Tennessee, USA, and has many years of experience as an interior designer, honing his skills working for the likes of Ann Boyd, David Champion, and Hubert Zandberg, and on his own projects since 2005. He trained in architecture at University of Virginia. Scott’s creativity is triggered by travel and discovery, he is constantly seeking out new and exciting suppliers around the globe.

Visit Scott’s Website here

Learn more about the event Scott has designed, Luxury Made.  Click this link to learn more.

Keep you eyes open for a copy of “Decorators of the 1940s”, by Bruno Foucart (a hard to find vintage book) and Jean-Michel Frank Monograph by Leopold Diego Sanchez (also a challenge to find) but both are worth the effort.

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