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Episode 170: Juan Carretero

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Juan Carretero is a New York based award winning designer who holds credentials in Interior Design and Architecture from institutions in Australia, Mexico and the USA.

He is recognized for designing spaces that look lived-in and collected, yet are carefully composed. Industry editors have dubbed his style as warm, witty, timeless and chic. From contemporary to classic interiors, his projects are very versatile. His rooms usually evoke a collected, polished and refined aura inspired by his own international background. Having worked in different countries and cultures has given him a deep appreciation for local craftsmanship and tradition.

His experience through his New York City based firm, Capital C Interiors, includes a wide range of residential and commercial projects tailored and curated individually for a loyal base of international clients.

Juan Carretero is an International Member of the American Institute of Architects. Among other local projects, he is currently completing a Diplomatic Villa in Washington DC and just finished designing a major exhibition at Sotheby’s in New York. His work has been published in books, magazines and media outlets around the world.

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