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Episode 158: Kelly Wilkniss

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Kelly Wilkniss always finds the greatest joy in her home & garden.  She turned away from a career as a trial attorney (14 years), to one helping others find joy in their spaces.  Now as a designer, avid gardener and blogger she has the pleasure of creating beauty every single day.  She is a wife & mother to two beautiful girls and one furry adorable Maltese.


She is originally from New York who found herself transplanted to the West Coast and now is thriving in Los Angeles.

Currently Kelly Wilkniss is finishing up the restoration of an 1886 home in Pasadena which is on the National Register.  This renovation is not her first, but is her largest.  It involved every pipe, wire nook & cranny and having purchased the house from a cranky, elderly hoarder of Olympic proportions, made the purchase entirely “unique” in every way.


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