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Episode 114: Nancy Price

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Nancy Price started Nancy Price Interior Design over two decades ago in Jackson, Mississippi. Nancy has been the lead designer where she has forged a successful career that centers on her innate ability to see the sum of an exquisitely designed space. Nancy Price Interior Design has cultivated a reputation for providing clients with an elegant and well-composed vision and execution of each project whether it be commercial or residential. A space may be empty, fully furnished, or only available as a blue print; Nancy Price Interior Design sees the full potential in blending objects together to create seemingly unusual pairings that evolve a space into livable art.

About Nancy Price

The story of Nancy Price begins steeped in the warm tradition of Louisiana where she was born and raised. Nancy is quick to point out that growing up surrounded by the mix of French, Spanish and African influences found in the Creole culture, heightened her natural ability to see complementary elements from different styles when considering composition. As the granddaughter of a master craftsman, Nancy developed an early love for both design and art and quickly applied her natural eye for beauty to designing interior spaces of homes that her husband and business partner, John Price, was building through his design/build firm. Word quickly spread of Nancy’s talent, referrals poured in, and John and Nancy watched as Nancy Price Interior Design grew from a part-time interest into a highly-sought after business.

Over the course of her career, Nancy has traveled the world in search of inspiration and beautiful pieces for Nancy Price Interior Design. Her global expeditions serve as both creative folder for Nancy’s work, as well as a means of augmenting her well curated collection of objects for her clients and showroom. Nancy’s love of travel and particular eye for timeless treasures led to showcasing her signature aesthetic through another medium – launching her own jewelry line, Aura. Aura artfully combines antique and original reliquaries and stones that Nancy has collected on her travels to create one of a kind pieces. Nancy has also had the honor of working on projects designed by esteemed architects such as Hays Town, Ken Tate, and Bobby McAlpine. Nancy enjoys working with architects because she speaks their language and they enjoy the clarity of her vision. She has an ability to blend classic elements of composition, cleanliness, distinctive palettes and subtle layering techniques with her natural tendency to incorporate unexpected objects. This process results in spaces with a type of beauty that is both enduring and distinctive.

Whether she has stumbled upon a particularly lovely hand-dyed indigo fabric, or a strikingly shaped side table, Nancy loves everything about the perpetual search for handsome things. As soon as Nancy spots something that she likes, she envisions how the piece fits into a current or future project. Thoughts on re-purposing or re-designing objects just come to her. It is this impulse to travel to faraway markets in search of timeless yet interesting objects coupled with Nancy’s ability to envision elegant completed spaces that make Nancy Price Interior Design such a unique design firm.

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