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Episode 080: Stephen Kowalski

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Stephen Kowalski Improving Lives

As one of the premier architects on the East Coast, Stephen Kowalski is committed to improving lives through collaborative design. Integrity is at the heart of it all with the artists, craftsmen, and clients he works for. He is currently a licensed Architect in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and California, but constantly looking to work further afield.

Stephen Kowalski How It’s Done

Award winning Architecture and Design. Our firm maximizes client’s investment in design and construction. Thoughtfully composed and thoroughly detailed drawings ensure the collective vision is realized to its fullest potential while allowing for truly competitive bidding, lowering upfront costs and keeping extras to a minimum during construction. This process guarantees that every dollar spent on design and construction goes as far as possible towards creating, ideal, client-specific spaces to live and work, in the most seamless/stress-free manner possible.

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