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Episode 072: Melissa Sutton

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Melissa Sutton and The Plum Collective

Melissa Sutton and the Plum Collective are curators of objects, ideas and perspectives of those who shape and inspire our view. We are particularly passionate about 20th Century furniture and the artisans who create with an authenticity that has become elusive. We aspire to provide something that makes you see differently, think differently, and hopefully in turn, feel differently. Our vision is to create a space where curiosity can be nurtured, perspectives shaped, art and artisans celebrated and a piece of history can be acquired. We want to present a collection that has something for everyone.

We feel as though priorities have shifted as of late. People often fail to recognize the importance of their space and surroundings; it’s inherent power to inspire and influence the quality of our lives. What you surround yourself with should evoke emotion. It has the power to trigger creativity, passion, sex, love, and nostalgia – what we consider the best parts of life. It should feel good and most importantly, it should speak to you.

Traditionally, we are attracted to symmetry, which is synonymous with beauty. There are studies. Look it up. The boundaries of beauty seem to have narrowed.  We would like to challenge this idea. The reality is that beauty can and often will be imperfect and messy.  It can be damaged, it can be uncomfortable, and it most definitely can and should push boundaries.

Melissa Sutton says we would like people to take from Plum Collective is that design doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s what you make of it and nothing more. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else it just has to resonate with you. Remind yourself often that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

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