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Episode 068: Cindy Weil

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Cindy Weil and Wallpaper

Before launching  I80West, Cindy Weil

She had two boys and found herself heading to Design School.

Prior to that she was the Exec. Producer of MarthaStewart .com.

And before that Cindy Weil was a Director in the Internet Group at Ameritrade (in the early internet days when all you could do online was buy a book or trade stock.)

All About Wallpaper

Artisanal wallpaper is on a design high. Artists from coast to coast in the United States, and throughout the world, have flocked to wallpaper as a medium, with small batch productions of gorgeous papers. In response – shelter magazines, blogs, home-related TV, and the design world in general is smitten. At the I80West we are on a constant quest for the most interesting, clever, hip and beautiful wallpapers we can find. We have worked hard to create a sensible and friendly interface to help our customers search and explore our gorgeous papers and we are available to offer the best customer service possible.

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