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Episode 057: Ariana Smetana

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Ariana Smetana; The Whole Story


Ariana Smetana is originally from the European city of  Zagreb, Croatia, a city that is over 900 yrs old with amazing architecture, art, and culture that spans everything from old to modern. She grew up in a home where both parents were graphic designers in the printing industry, which began her love of color, and design. From a young age, she was intrigued by fashion design, and with the help of her mother’s sewing abilities found ways to express her creative nature in a fashion forward look that was her signature trait.  Her artistic and design abilities however were not fully realized until 2008 when she decided to leave the corporate world, and integrate her extensive corporate background with her artistic skills to found artVIA.

ArtVIA and It’s Home in Houston

ArtVIA is an award winning interior design boutique located in Houston, Texas. Artvia means a Way of Art. We express our way of Art for you, by styling your surroundings at Home, at Work and Fashion for you through our designs and through our curated line of fashionable and decorative collections.

Her design sensibility has been influenced and inspired in many ways by living in Zagreb as well as London,UK and traveling through much of Europe. The beauty of those European cities’ architecture, museums, art and culture were the foundation for her passion about art and design. Since 1997, she has called Houston home, and her inspirations have broadened through extensive travels to places within the U.S.A., Latin America, Asia and Australia.

She is drawn to bold statements in her designs such as geometric pattern and updated classical patterns in unexpected colors. Beige is boring, she says, and in her designs she prefers pops of bold colors mixed in with softer sophisticated shades while creating unexpected combination of styles and juxtaposition of elements. She mixes various design periods such as traditional, mid-century and  modern in unique and sophisticated ways. She sees design as self-expression and an avenue to express each client’s uniqueness at Home, at Work and for Personal beauty.

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