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Episode 056: 31 Westgate

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Colin Blanchard & Kenneth McRobbie Speak About 31 Westgate

In 2011 we expanded our design business with the launch of 31 Westgate retail stores and design services based in Halifax, Canada. Our continued success is due to the immense support of our clients and customers.

The 31 Westgate style is always evolving, though based on a classic foundation. We are drawn to natural materials, traditional craftsmanship and furnishings with timeless lines. Our ability to define the mood and feeling of a space with pattern, texture and colour is well respected. As we continue to travel the globe in search of the very best — bringing one-of-a-kind pieces into client’s homes and three retail locations. “Our love for layered interiors stems from our travels, the desire to live with beautiful objects and the creation of spaces that evolve with time”.

The journey of design and, discovering the next path, has led us to great opportunities such as a fabric and wall covering line with Guildery, participation in the iconic Christopher Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Show House to name a few. Along with sourcing from industry leaders such as Visual Comfort, Baker and Vanguard furniture 31 Westgate has begun designing product which is targeted to be released in 2016.

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