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Episode 024: Robert Passal

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A Robert Passal interior is never defined by any one era, style or approach. Rather, it evokes personal comfort and sophistication. Timeless, collected, composed, and curated are words often used to describe his aesthetic.

Drawing from his own experiences, travels and keen insight, Passal continually hones his skill as a designer. When working with clients, he selects fabrics, furnishings, art and antiques that represent each person’s individuality—whether contemporary or traditional. The finished product is a comfortable, enduring, yet richly layered space that breaks from the mundane to become the extraordinary.  He believes in “MIP” Making It Personal for each of his clients.

Clients currently range from professional athletes to celebrities, financiers, real estate developers, corporate leaders and homemakers around the country. Projects include commissions as diverse as the restoration of a temple, a luxe fashion boutique in Miami, Hamptons’ retreats, yachts and a Tokyo pied-à-tere.  He is currently at work producing lines of fabrics and furnishing with his signature look in an effort to allow his aesthetic to be available to the general public.

Robert has earned accolades from Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, House & Garden to name a few.  Recently he was awarded Traditional Home’s “Top 20 Designers Award.”

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