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Episode 018: Tiffany Pratt

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Tiffany Pratt feels like a fairy godmother. Her joy is to sprinkle possibilities everywhere she goes, into everything she does, and elevate the world to a more beautiful place.

How? By helping you re-imagine and re-colour your life. Brick by brick, button by button, and day by day.

To her the world is a blank canvas. That empty space, amazing sweater, cozy sofa, those almost-recycled toilet paper rolls, and even that silent moment in the tub — she thinks, “THIS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL” all the time. Your forgotten chair in the basement is probably her favorite piece in your home. Remember why you bought it? Remember the stars in your eyes? Clean, shift, layer, and then buy a few new pillows. That’s all it takes to shake the dust away.

Remix, reuse, revisit, repurpose, then reclaim your life. Let me help you celebrate the everyday, every day, by creating that styled life you always wanted, all the while using what you already have.

Believe in the magic of my heart and I’ll help you discover the magic in yours. Your home, your clothes, your brand, your big day, your everyday! All aspects of your life should be a reflection of you, shimmering from your headboard to your toenails.

Tiffany Pratt knows a thing or two about DIY projects. In fact, as the eclectic and colourful co-host of HGTV’s Buy It! Fix It! Sell It!, her mission is to battle the other co-hosts to get the best treasures at auction and transform them into one-of-a-kind pieces. The goal? To sell the finished product to interested clients for the highest profit.

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