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Episode 003: Vicente Wolf

Episode 003- Vicente Wolf (2)
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A world-renowned interior designer, Vicente Wolf has been named one of the ten most influential designers in the United States by House Beautiful and has been inducted into the Designer Hall of Fame by Interior Design Magazine. Wolf has been at the top of the Manhattan design industry for over 35 years. From the spacious light-filled loft in New York City where his company is headquartered, Wolf and his team build on his passion for design that’s guided by integrity and simplicity.
Wolf has published three design books, Learning to See (Artisan, 2002), Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design (The Monacelli Press, 2006) and Lifting the Curtain on Design (The Monacelli Press, 2010) that focus on the many design inspirations found throughout the world through the eyes of a traveler.

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