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Episode 614: Charlotte Dunagan

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Charlotte Dunagan moved from Paris to Miami some 20 years ago bringing her sophisticated mark on large scale, high end residences and boutique commercial projects throughout South Florida. Known for her ability to create spaces that are the epitome of elegance, Charlotte’s mantra is “at the end of the day it’s only a success if the client feels at home.”


Born into the world of design with her interior designer mother and her father an antiques dealer, Charlotte Dunagan grew up in Paris and travelled throughout Europe, cultivating an eye for collectible art and furnishings under her parents’ tutelage. Her formal arts education began at the MGM School of Design in Nice, France and was completed at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she graduated with honors before launching her own interior design business.


As founder of Dunagan Diverio Design Group, she is applauded for her authentic, timeless interiors and she is known for her ability to create spaces that emanate genuine sophistication, understated elegance and warmth. Charlotte combines her eye for color with an eclectic mix of furniture and textures. She combines sheer creativity, traditional flair and attention to detail. Her solutions combine form and function, synergistically blending substance and style to not only perfectly answer the brief but to go beyond it, to create unforgettable spaces that truly reflect the client’s personality. “When I first meet my clients I pick up on all the small details that make them who they are…I’m a strong believer in building structures that are timeless and creating a sophisticated background that we will love forever”.

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