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Episode 594.3 Market Buzz Day 2 Evening

Ep 594.3

DSCN9191We envision a world more beautiful. We envision a world more congruent.  So we are creating a revolution, starting with us. Our projects, our clients, ourselves.

Lisa Kahn Allen is the vision and energy behind Lisa Kahn Designs. Starting her design firm in 2000, she hit the ground running, and has never looked back. She sees her work as the creation of interior spaces as sanctuaries – sacred places where we can relax, refresh our spirits and return to the essence of who we are and what is truly important.



Balancing tea, scones, and stone samples in one hand whilst carrying on a phone conversation.



The contrast of highly refined beauty against rugged, organic materials and textures. The mountains of Montana, the diamonds of sunlight on the surface of the water. Birds. The amazing music my husband writes. The moon. The alchemy of all this mixed with the personalities of our clients — it’s an exquisite combination.



A place where the outside comes inside, where a candle burns in the early dawn as I do my morning writing. The abalone shell holding my collection of beautiful stones and crystals. The orchids and ferns that fill every corner available in my home. It’s a place where I can center, be at ease, and create with abandon.



Where do I begin? Trees. Ribbons. Raw crystal formations. Beautiful pens and blank notebooks. Champagne. Boxes. Forests. Le Labo Santal 26. Piles of books. Celtic knotwork. Caramel.

Lisa Kahn Allen


robin-baronRobin Baron has known since she was nine years old that she wanted to be a designer. She started her career as a fashion designer, while studying interiors and antiques. Robin transitioned into interior design full-time after enthusiastic fashion clients kept asking her to work on their homes. She started her full-service design firm, Robin Baron Design, and it has thrived ever since.

During her journey in fashion and interior design, she has become a lifestyle brand.

Robin is the go-to person for interior design, lifestyle, and living fabulously! Her philosophy, Life Through Design™, embodies her belief that design and inspiration can be found anywhere.

Robin’s passion is to help empower people through their homes. A renaissance woman, Robin has served as a spokesperson, interior design/lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist. Her numerous TV, radio, video, and editorial appearances highlight her insightful tips helping people find confidence through their homes, and can be found in our press section.

As President of Robin Baron Design Inc., Robin strives to create environments that reflect her clients’ passions and enhance their lifestyles.

She has designed homes for a wide range of clients including celebrities and high profile CEOs. Robin also prides herself on enhancing the lives of the many families she works with, believing that happiness and fulfillment can be found through the choices we make in our homes.

The grass never grows under Robin’s feet! She is currently expanding her brand with key licensing partnerships.

Robin Baron

Greg O PR Image

Greg O’Neal, CCO (Chief Collaboration Officer) + Co-Founder of CUR8, has been curating, designing, and licensing products for the national and international home furnishings industry for over  24 years.  His scope of work ranges from residential to commercial interior design and includes product design collaborations with some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the global marketplace.

In the home furnishings industry O’Neal was the key design and visual merchandiser that launched and established Austin, TX based mega wholesaler Four Hands Imports into a three-time winner of Inc. Magazines “Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies”.  Since 2004 O’Neal has independently owned his design firm Philosophy Design, touting the most important “philosophy” behind the design firm is that of “choosing to do good business with good people”. Philosophy Design has shared its design goodness in the senior care, restaurant, boutique hotel, and retail segments going on its 14th year, as well as designed home furnishings and lighting products for a multitude of wholesale brands and licensees.

In the spring of 2013 O’Neal was hired to repurpose and design a tiny, early 1900’s home in the booming South Congress area of Austin, TX. The intent of the project was to carefully curate a unique and innovative home interior while at the same time repurpose and respect the esthetics of the original structure. The almost 2 year design experience gave the new home owners an understanding of the  logistics in working together remotely and time invested in selecting, sourcing, finding, reviewing, presenting, purchasing and installing all of the esthetic treasures that accumulate and ultimately became their DREAM home. This experience sparked an idea with the intent to help interior designer’s source innovative and custom design products more efficiently that meet the growing expectations and needs of tomorrows clientele.

In 2016 O’Neal joined forces with his former client, CUR8 CEO+ Co-Founder Jasmine Jaco (a senior executive and lifelong consultant for some of the world’s largest retailers) to develop a marketplace that brings the best of “what’s next” to the professional interior design community.

CUR8 provides interior designers a source for emerging products that are Smart, Healthy and Made Here (no matter where “here” may be).  “We believe good design is no longer good enough and that tomorrows design must be more than just beautiful. I know first-hand what interior designers need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace and believe that CUR8 is a necessary designer resource for the next generation of innovative, inspirational and insightful products” Greg O’Neal.


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