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Episode 512: TWYLA + Young Huh + Adler Guerrier


Welcome to our monthly podcast series focused on the World of Art and featuring our sponsoring partner TWYLA.

Ready to get excited about art and TWYLA?  For our listeners in the design profession; something special for you this month.  Head to www.TWYLA.com and register in their professional program then Click on this link and register for a $700.00 shopping credit good toward the purchase of any piece of framed art from www.TWYLA.com.  Contest registration is open 25 July through midnight 30 July with the winner being announced via social media on Monday 31 July.


Buying art shouldn’t feel intimidating.

You don’t need to know anything about art to love art – even though some places make you feel that way. At Twyla, we make it possible for everyone to directly access exclusive artwork from the most talked about artists in the game.

We find the best artists and then take damn good care of them. They are the reason why we exist, so it’s only right. We’re dedicated to paying our artists fairly and making sure they have what they need to be the creatives they are.  Twyla has partnered with over 70 top contemporary artists, and counting. Each artist is personally selected by our team of curators for their unique body of work.

Check out TWYLA’s Website here

Here’s a bit about our two guests on the show today:

Young Huh

Young Huh is principal and founder of Young Huh Interiors, a New York City-based, full-service design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. With impeccable attention to detail, Young’s projects are conceived and tailored to fit each client’s personality and needs.

Her philosophy is that each client has a unique point-of-view and her role is to transform that vision into reality while elevating it to its greatest potential. Well-versed in art and design history, yet with an ever vigilant eye on the popular pulse, Young incorporates ideas and styles from an expansive range of sources to create timeless design known for its classic proportions and eclectic, chic styling.

Adler Guerrier

Adler Guerrier is a Miami-based, Haitian-born artist whose art explores landscape, geography and how we anchor ourselves within a particular place. His works often start from photographs that he takes on long walks around his hometown; however, Adler does not strive to portray any location with precision. Instead, Adler’s layered artworks are abstract and removed from their origin. He strives for “non-specificness” or what he describes as “the middle of far and close.”

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