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Episode 082: Carey Karlan

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Carey Karlan A Designing Career

Born in  Oklahoma from a  line  of  southern  women  who like  to  decorate  and  always  had  flowers  on  the table, interior designer Carey Karlan developed an enduring love for decorating at an early age. Raised in Darien  and  a  graduate  of  Trinity  College,  Carey  stayed  in  the  northeast  and  began her  career  as  an advertising  VP  in  New  York  City.  She  became  established  in  the  field  and  was  written  up  in  Working Woman Magazine for being a prominent female figure in a male-dominated workforce.  After  a  decade  of  this  lifestyle,  Carey  headed  back  to  Darien  to  concentrate  on  motherhood  of  five children,  and  taking  classes  at  the  New  York  School  of  Interior  Design.  Additionally,  she  did  volunteer work for several charitable organizations and is renowned for her entertaining flair.

 Carey Karlan The Start of Something Good

Embracing her knack for  decorating,  Carey  worked  at  a  local  design  store  Persnickety  to  gain  the  training  and  experience necessary  before  opening  her  own  venture,  Last  Detail.  Her  office  is  in  a To  the  Trade  designer showroom,  located  in  Stamford,  Connecticut.  Locally,  Carey  has  projects in  Darien,  New  Canaan,  and Greenwich, as well as in New York City, Nantucket,  Florida and in San Francisco. The Stamford Advocate has sung her praises multiple times, and one of her projects was featured on a Darien house tour. Carey Karlan prides herself in not being limited to decorating a certain size or style home.

Having lived in, loved,  and  decorated  cottages  and  large  homes  alike,  Carey  has  experimented  with  every  style  and technique possible, creating a wide array of possibilities to please her clientele. From stenciling floors to head-dressing decorative busts, Carey has tried everything with spectacular results. Carey is proud of her ability to avoid a predictable trademark style, having a tremendous skill in interpreting her clients’ desires and  thereafter  creating  a  coherent  look  for  their  homes.

Karlan  has  wonderful  long-term  working relationships  with many of  her clients,  who  specifically  appreciate  her  talent in furniture  placement  and high-quality window treatments. Carey’s design philosophy embraces the concept of flexibility. She listens intently to her clients and prides herself on having the ability to envision and create interiors to suit any size of style of home and any lifestyle. Her ability to understand and translate her clients’ personal desires into stunning interiors has earned her a portfolio of loyal clients and her work has been featured in atHome Magazine, New England Home Connecticut, Cottages and Gardens and the Stamford Advocate. She has been invited to participate in Rooms With A View, the Designer Showhouse of Westchester, the American Fashion Showhouse at the Aldyn in New York City, the People’s Project at the Connecticut Governor’s Residence and the Greenwich Red Cross Red and White Ball. She was the recipient of both the A-List Interior Design Awards and a two-time finalist of the Cottages and Gardens IDA Award and speaks frequently on the subject of interior design.

One  unique  aspect  of  Carey’s  design  process  is  the makeover  phase  that  she  has  adopted.  Equipped with a truckload of accessories, Carey fills in all of the gaps in her projects with artwork, pillows, bookcase accessories, lamps, and more until the room looks complete. Her clients then live with these accessories for  a  few  days  and  then  decide  which  they  will  purchase.  This  essential  final  phase  is  just  another component  of  Carey  Karlan’s  distinctive  styling  that  combines  her  expertise  with  the  wishes  of  her satisfied clients.

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